Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature profiling

Neuro Signature System

Lie Detectors

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Brain Signature Oscillation Profiling

About BEOS

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Neuro Signature System

Suspect Identification System

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B E OS Image Classification

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Lie Detectors

Forensic Polygraphs

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Important Note: P300 Brain Fingerprinting Scam and Corrupt practices

BEOS has no relationship with the fraudulent P300 Brain Fingerprinting technology that has been discredited in a US Senate report and various publications.

BEOS is not based on the P300 ERP waveform. Axxonet is pursuing legal redressal againt Brain Fingerprinting LLC and their sales partner Analab Equipment for corrupt practices, tender manipulation and false representations – the case is being investigated by the Ministry of Home Affairs, India.

Brain Fingerprinting LLC was a defunct company till recently as per the US regulatory websites. Detailed notes of the case will be available soon.

600+ Cases reported using NSS BEOS

Used in a variety of cases –

Insurgency, Murders, White collar crimes

Financial Crimes, Credibility Assessment

Non Invasive

No response required from the subject

BEOS Profiling using Neuro Signature System

BEOS Image Classification

Lie Detectors from Limestone Technologies

Digital and Cyber Forensics

Social Media Profiling