Lie Detectors

Axxonet represents the best polygraph system in the world produced by Limestone Technologies.

The product is very easy to use and requires minimal time span to understand the usefulness of the product.

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Axxonet Limestone Forensic Lie Detector (Polygraph System) Models

Make Datapac Paragon Paragon Paragon
Model  LT-PPS-02 LT-PRG-01 LT-PRG-02 LT-PRG-03
Bits storage 16 24 24 32
Channels 8 10 10 10

Polygraph Professional Suite™ Software:

  • FrontEnd Organizer
  • QuestionEditor
  • ChartRecorder
  • ChartViewer

Included Hardware Components:

•  The DataPac_USB™ Data Acquisition Instrument
•  StingRay SE™ piezo countermeasure cushion
•  8′ EDA lead, traditional metal plated EDA electrodes, Silver/Silver wet-gel EDA snap connectors
•  2 Pneumatic Respiration Transducers
•  One size fits all Blood Pressure Cuff
•  Exclusive Limestone FingerCuff™
•  Limestone custom Pelican instrument case

Optional Hardware Components:

  • StingRay Lite pneumatic countermeasure cushion
  • StingRay pneumatic countermeasure cushion
  • Temperature Thermistor
  • Cardio PLE
  • Logitech digital video camera
  • PCMCIA or USB finger print scanner

Outstanding Features:

  • 8  to 10 Channel Instrument
  • 16 to 32 Bit storage
  • FDA approved touch-less input connectors
  • Fully Synchronized Digital Video
  • Software Calipers for simpler manual scoring
  • Automatic measurement feature
  • Fully integrated CDR/DVD recording tools
  • Automatic Report Writing Templates
  • Multi-Language Platform
  • Open Data Format
  • Digital Audio/Video Presentation
  • Realtime Graph Controls
  • Full Featured Software Controls
  • Programmable Event Markers
  • Digital Audio Dictations
  • Additional Features